Why No Protest In Major League Baseball?

Samori Benjamin

For over a century in the United States of America the sport of baseball has been known as the National Pastime. In the early 1900's when the country was undergoing a widespread transition because of substantial changes in the ethnic composition of the US population resulting from foreign immigration the game would play a pivotal role in their cultural assimilation. It was used by social reformers and physical educators as a tool to conform ethnic immigrant groups to the ways and principles of the United States capitalist society. It was taught to children guided by the belief that the rules of baseball helped embed the basic lessons of America’s capitalist society as well as teaching leadership, self-sacrifice, and teamwork. In 2016 it appears that the players of the Major League game are following in line conforming to the principles of this country’s master narrative as we’ve seen not one player participate in athlete protest that has swept the nation. I try and find out why. Part One of my report on “Why No Protest In Major League Baseball?”

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