A Possible Changing Of The Guard As Knicks Prepare for Miami

Samori Benjamin

The Boston Celtics have won the Atlantic Division the last five seasons but will see that streak end this season to the New York Knicks. On the final day of March the Knicks reminded Boston one last time that things very well could be changing in what could be a passing of the guard. The Knicks beat Boston for the third consecutive time on Sunday and we go inside the Boston locker room to get the state of the Celtics. Doc Rivers speaks on why he’s not believing the rhetoric that his Celtics are done. Paul Pierce a man who has been a Knicks nemesis over the years explains the state of the Celtics in a humbled tone, first year Celtic Jason Terry speaks on the challenges of joining this veteran ball club and brining his championship qualities to this already established group as well as the challenge that the championship leaders have in trying to keep the championship mentality with this current Boston team…. We preview the Knicks big match up on South Beach Tuesday night as they prepare to do battle with the NBA champion Miami Heat..

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