The Legitimacy Of A-Rod's 600

Samori Benjamin

[audio src="'s 600 Homerun Final.mp3"]

Ten years ago only five players in the history of Major League Baseball had more homeruns than Reggie Jackson. Now here in 2010 and a steroids era later seven men have passed Jackson and he currently stands 13th on the all-time career homerun list. Samori Bemjamin was on hand in the Bronx when Rodriquez hit his 600th career homerun. We examine the legitimacy of A-Rod’s homerun achievements and we speak with Reggie Jackson himself and another hall of famer Joe Morgan about the steroids era and the hall of fame. We also speak with Major league baseball’s homerun leader of 2010, in this the post steroids era, Toronto outfielder Jose Bautista who was in the outfield with the opposing Blue Jays when Rodriquez hit career homerun 600.

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