Dwayne Wade Exclusive: Inisde His Thinking On the Summer of 2010

Samori Benjamin

[audio src="http://wbaisports.com/audio/Dwayne Wade Project.mp3"]

On April 11th Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat came to New York City and Madison Square to face the New York Knicks less than a week before the NBA playoffs began. Wade will be a free agent at season’s end and it is no secret that the New York Knicks, who will have more money available than any other team to spend on free agents this summer, will pursuit Wade and Lebron James heavily. After Wade’s Heat bested the Knicks at the Garden Wade spoke with Wbai Sports along with a large group of New York media who eagerly asked D-Wade about his prospects for the summer of 2010. Wbai Sports also speaks with Miami Herald sports columnist and ESPN sports reporters’ Israel Gutierrez, and we also speak with former Knick and current Miami Heat Quentin Richardson about the thinking of his Chicago homeboy Dwayne Wade.

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