French Warrior

Samori Benjamin

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Ronny Turiaf was raised in France and is playing in his 5th season in the NBA. After leaving Gonzaga University and before starting his NBA career Turiaf had to have a six-hour open heart operation after being diagnosed with an enlarged aortic root. Turiaf recovered to bring his high energy style of play to the L.A. Lakers where he played alongside Kobe Bryant. Turiaf’s last season with L.A. was two seasons ago when they lost in the NBA Finals to the Boston Celtics. Last season Turiaf signed with the Golden State Warriors as a free agent because they offered him more money and he had to watch on television like the rest of us the Lakers win the NBA Finals. He tells us what that experience was like, as well as the strong relationship he built with Kobe Bryant while in Los Angeles, the development of the French National basketball team, playing the mentor role in Golden State, his days in Laker Land and more.

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