Jack Interview 2

Samori Benjamin

[audio src="http://wbaisports.com/audio/Stephen Jackson 2009.mp3"]

Stephen Jackson has had a bit of a controversial career over his ten year NBA career. He was involved in the Detroit melee at the palace of Auburn Hills in November 2004 when his Indiana Pacers and Ron Artest got into it with the Detroit Pistons and the Detroit fans. Jackson ran into the stands to help teammate Ron Artest that night and was suspended 30 games for his actions by NBA commissioner David Stern. Jackson won a NBA championship before that however in 2002 with the San Antonio Spurs. Jackson currently is frustrated being on his current team the Golden State Warriors and has tried everything within his power to get traded during the early season. I didn’t ask him about his quest to get off the Golden State Warriors because at the time I was interviewing him he was around a few of his teammates so I didn’t want to put him on the spot like that. I ended up asking him some questions just to fill time. However , when he answers my question it’s clear that he would love to play his home games at Madison Square Garden.

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