C.C. Sabathia

Samori Benjamin

[audio src="http://wbaisports.com/audio/C.C. Sabathia (WBAI Sports Edit).mp3"]

C.C. Sabathia takes the mound for the Yankees in a few hours as they open the 2009 playoffs. With the number of African-American ball players in major league baseball declining drastically when the percentage of African-American players in the majors is currently at 8%. Sabathia is one of just four African-American starting pitchers in the major leagues today. Last winter the Yankees signed Sabathia on the free agent market and made him the highest paid pitcher in the history of the Sport. Now that he’s on the big stage of New York his big star could attract interest among the black youth. Sabathia speaks with me for a documentary and book I’m doing, and he talks about his upcoming game 1 start.

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