Samori Benjamin

As Brett Favre makes his way to New York, Sunday football in New York City has become must see t.v. with both the Jets and Giants.

It has now been exactly 40 years since the New York Jets won their first, last, and only super bowl championship in super bowl III behind the confidence and brilliance of Joe Namath.  The Jets have not had a quarterback nor a star as bright since then, but that all changes now.  It changes because the Jets were able to step up to the plate and make a trade for a quarterback in Brett Favre who is a sure shot first ballot hall of famer, and proved last season that he could still perform at his vintage level.   The Jets make this deal one month before the 2008 season begins, and Just a few months removed from the ending of a disappointing 4-12 season.  A football season concluding with the Jets organization watching their city rival New York Giants knock off their nemesis New England Patriots in the super bowl.  The trade was a no-brainer for the Jets.  All they have to give up is a conditional draft pick for a quarterback who instantly changes everything about their franchise.  The possibilities are immense, and the scenarios going through the minds of Jets fans have to make them smile all over themselves.

The time is now for the New York Jets.  They are in the third year of a new regime which replaced the past regime of head coach Herman Edwards, who got the team into the postseason three of five years at the helm, but even he was practically ran out of town.   The Jets are serious about competing at a high level this season.   As soon as NFL free agency began in early March the team was extremely active, throwing multimillion dollar deals at a few veteran free agents.  Two of which, Damien Woody and Alan Faneca, are on an offensive line whose duty it now is to protect an all-time quarterback who is pushing 40 years of age.  In the middle of summer pennant races for both New York City baseball teams, and with the Beijing Olympics one day away from getting underway in China, the biggest sports story in New York City and the nation for that matter is the New York Jets acquisition of Brett Favre.

There are no New York City sports fans who have suffered more than Jets fans.  Forty years of mediocrity and now the ball is handed to one of the all-time gunslingers the NFL has ever seen.  It’s a move the franchise has to be given credit for.  With a successful playoff run in 2006, the Jets have now made themselves instant contenders again for a playoff berth with this trade,   and who knows what might else.  The proposition of the Jets achieving the ultimate goal this season, which is to win a super bowl championship, may be far-fetched but Brett Favre brings excitement and optimism to a Jets team that’s proven they are more than capable of competing for a postseason spot.  The Big Apple loves stars and they will embrace Brett Favre with lots of love as he begins what will be an amazing ride and an amazing story during the 2008 season, and who knows how many more beyond that.  At this point for the Jets and Favre it’s one step at a time, and the magnitude of the situation makes those steps feel like their being taken on air.

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